Edexcel IGCSE Chemistry

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Notes and Exercise Book
1. States of matter
     2. Atomic Structure    
3. Solubility and Separation of Mixtures Part 1
4. Chromatography and Separation of Mixtures Part 2

5. Stoichiometry - Molar Calculations Part 1
6. Molar Calculations Part 2
7. Molar Calculations Part 3
8. Ionic Bonding
9. Covalent Bonding
10. Metallic Bonding and Revision Bonding
11. Electrolysis
12. The Periodic Table and Alkali Metals
13. The Periodic Table, Transition Metals and Halogen
14. Gases and Pollutants in the atmosphere
15. The Reactivity Series and Ionic Equations
16. Extraction of Metals
17. Tests for Ions and Gases
18. Acids and Bases and their Equations
19. Preparation of Salts
20. Energetics
21. Rate of Reaction
22. Reversible Reactions and Equilibrium
23. Crude Oil
24. Introduction to Organic Chemistry
25. Alkanes, Alkenes and Alcohols
26. Carboxylic Acids and Esters
27. Polymerisation
28. Final Revision Organic Chemistry Reactions
29. Final Revision Electrolysis and Lab Apparatus
30. Final Revision Alcohols, Esters and Polymerisation
31. Final Revision Titration

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