Math OL Cambridge REVISION Course May/June 2021 - Dr. May Aly

This course will start on April 1st , 2021

This course is delivered in pre-recorded high quality video lectures. The video lectures in this course provide comprehensive coverage of all syllabus items along with clear simplified examples. In addition, plenty of chapterised (classified) past papers questions are solved within each chapter to guarantee the maximum understanding and practice.

By the end of the chapters in this course, all common exam tricks will have been extensively explained and you'll be ready to visit the full exams solving and revision with your tutor to be ready for the final exam.

Also, you can arrange appointments for live office hours with your tutor to support you and help you find the answers to all possible questions that may come to the student’s mind. Moreover, assistants are available to answer the students’ brief questions on WhatsApp.

Your Instructor

Dr. May Aly
Dr. May Aly

Dr. May is a certified IGCSE and International A-level math teacher for both Cambridge and Pearson Edexcel boards.

Dr. May started her teaching career in the year 2010 as a co-teacher with the one and only Dr. Amin Selim, may his soul rest in peace.

Since her start, Dr. May has taught in some of Egypt’s largest and most reputable schools and centers. Through her firm system and robust management of her students, Dr. May has managed to help her students achieve the best grades possible and in several cases some of her students were awarded the outstanding learners award in both O-levels and A-levels.

Course Curriculum

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Frequently Asked Questions

How frequently do I get video lecture
Make sure to contact the assistant on whatsApp +201021661677 to know the exact publishing time of each lecture and the exact schedule. ,in order to check if its convenient for you or not. Revising Lectures, Full Exams solving together available with scheduled Live sessions with Dr May Aly and he r qualified Assistants.
Do I get to ask questions?
Of course, once you enroll in the course you will be contacted by our teaching assistant who answer your questions at any time and follow up on your progress, also you could ask to arrange a live meeting with Dr. May to answer your questions and re-assure any concerns you might have
How many times do I get to watch the videos?
You to watch them an unlimited number times till the end of the course.
Do I get any exams?
As its a Revision Condensed course .you can perform 2 Exams to know your week points in syllabus. A mock exam will be held for each paper after you finish all its topics.
What happens after all chapters have been explained?
The Full Exams videos will be published periodically according to the revision plan till the exam in addition to final revision sheets.
For how long are the videos available?
The course will be available from the minute you enroll in the course till the day of the last exam in May/June session for the subject; afterwhich the course is immediately deleted permanently.
Would I find the whole syllabus once I enroll in the syllabus?
yes you will find all the syllabus lectures ALLL available to start immediately working on your own pace! However once a video is visible it remains available to be viewed anytime and an unlimited number of times till the end of the course.
What is the language used by the instructor in the videos?
The terminology and the concepts are explained in English, but the examples and the explanation of the questions is in arabic just like in the ordinary classroom and in the preview lectures.
Do I receive any course materials?
Yes!! You receive Full Exams Pastpapers Booklets as downloadable PDF past papers of 3 different varients including New specimen papers, You'll be directed how can you obtain a hardcopy of the classified.
How to pay for the course?
You could always pay on the website using a credit card or an accepted debit card which is entirely secured by Vidukation’s financial team . Please note that. Contact Number: 01021661677
Are the course fees refundable?
No they are not, but you have an introduction video explaining the whole experience and a topic available in preview with explanation so that you could try the process before you purchase the whole course.
What components does the course include?
The course includes Paper 2 and Paper 4 ( Extended Papers ) of IGCSE Olevel Math Cambridge.

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