ICT IGCSE/OL Cambridge May/June 2021 - Mr. Mostafa Mahdy

This course starts on 01/11/2020

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The course is delivered through a combination of live and pre-recorded high quality video lectures. The course includes video lectures explaining the syllabus content of ICT for IGCSE 0417 (A*-G) / 0983 (9-1) as well as lots of hands-on practice for practical past papers and theory past paper question discussions. By the end of the course, the tutor delivers final revision classes that include reviewing all the syllabus items, uncovering the common exam tricks & even going further to extra ideas not yet covered in past papers.

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Mr. Mostafa Mahdy
Mr. Mostafa Mahdy

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and end?
The course starts on 01/11/2020. It ends on the date of the last ICT exam paper in May/June 2021 session.
Do I have to attend the live sessions?
Yes!! You must attend them because you will need help while applying the steps in the practical tasks and it will help Mr. Mostafa’s team to follow up your progress.
Do the live sessions have fixed time every week?
Yes, the teacher’s assistant will send you a full schedule of the live sessions a week before the beginning of the course and if you have any problem you can contact them about it.
Do I get Homework like in an ordinary class?
Yes, every weekend there will be a homework assignment, Mr. Mostafa will assign homework tasks during the live classes and also the teacher’s assistant will send it to you on Whatsapp as a confirmation. The homework will be submitted on Google classroom, you will not only receive a mark for the homework; you will also get a comment on each mistake to explain it to you.
Would I get any Quizzes/Exams?
Yes, every 2 weeks there will be a quiz practical and theory. The quizzes are submitted on Google classroom. You will not only receive a mark for the quiz, you will also get a comment on each mistake to explain it to you.
How can I access Google classroom to submit homework and quizzes?
There will be a tutorial video available when the course begins to show you how to access Google classroom, how to view your mark and also how to view the comment of each mistake. If you still have a problem you can ask the assistant to help you.
What is the software required in the practical part?
Microsoft office 2013 is preferable but if you have Microsoft office 2016 or 2019 it will be ok Microsoft Sharepoint Designer 2007 Adobe Photoshop (any version will be ok) Supporting files of previous practical exams
How can I get the required software for the practical?
All the required software will be available, Mr. Mostafa will give you a link to download the software when the course starts, also Mr. Mostafa’s team can help you in downloading and installing the software
What is the language used by the teacher in the videos and live lectures?
The terminology and the concepts are explained in English, but the examples and the explanation of the questions is in Arabic just like in the ordinary classroom and in the preview lectures.
Do I receive course materials, and what are they?
Yes!! You receive theory Notes and Classified past papers (practical and theoretical) as downloadable pdf Also all supporting files of previous practical exams will be available
Would I find the whole syllabus videos available once I enrol in the course?
No lectures are uploaded gradually in the Mr. Mostafa’s preferred order according to the weekly plan to mimic the actual classroom. However once a video is uploaded it remains available to be viewed anytime and an unlimited number of times till the end of the course.
How to pay for the course?
You could always pay on the website using a credit card or an accepted debit card which is entirely secured by Vidukation’s financial team or you could arrange to pass by one of Vidukation offices and pay in cash. Please note that cash payments are ONLY available in Egypt. Contact Number: 0100-760-6560
Are the course fees refundable?
No they are not, but you have a promo video explaining the whole experience and two topics available in preview so that you could try the process before you purchase the whole course.

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