Arabic AL Edexcel May/June 2021 - Kawther Lokma

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In this course, students learn and develop critical language skills such as Reading, Grammar, Translation, and Writing. Through this journey that Miss Kawther leads professionally, students show significant improvement in all the skills mentioned above, with ease, comfort, and flexibility. You can read the course objectives bellow to know more about what exactly you’re expected to learn from this course.

Course Objectives (as cited from the IAL Arabic teaching guide) include the ability of students to:

- Convey their understanding of Written Arabic through a series of Reading tasks.

- Apply their knowledge of Arabic language, grammar, and lexis.

- Manipulate language in continuous writing

- Recognize and use Arabic in a variety of contexts and in relation to the topic areas.

To get a better idea of what other skills you would develop through this course, read the FAQs, question 2, and the course introduction.

Your Instructor

Kawther Lokma
Kawther Lokma

Kawther is a former excelling IGCSE student, an OL Arabic Senior Teaching Assistant for two years, an AL Arabic senior teaching assistant for four sessions, a Top of the World in AL Arabic achiever, and a current AUC undergraduate. She studies Mass Communication, Film, and Psychology, which besides her school experience, can ensure her students a spectacular well-rounded experience. Kawther has a total of 6 years of experience in teaching various age groups in different teaching circumstances, and has taken several education courses and trainings that make her a certified "Creative Educator". Kawther has also been a debater for Teens Club in the Young Mediterranean Voices program held by the British Council which developed her way of teaching argumentative writing by delivering her debating experience to her students.

Kawther is well-known for her engaging learning techniques that make her classes both entertaining, and informative. She focuses on every student individually, keeps track of one's improvement and progress, and gives detailed and tailored feedback. She also encourages and enriches Autonomous Learning through her course by which a student can be independent and take ownership of the learning process, seeks guidance when necessary, engages in research when required, and other course requirements as a recursive process of critical inquiry and knowledge construction. Finally, students will show progress in writing based on given feedback, and peer- and self-review.

This is one of her students in June 2020 Feedback:

"Kawthar is such an incredible teacher. She is very professional, and her explanation is very thorough. Her feedback on assignments really does help students know their strengths and their weaknesses. She also cares about her students on a personal level. I was her student during the period of IG cancellation exams, and she did not only help me achieve an A*, but she also supported and motivated me during these tough times. In short, you will guarantee the A* if she is your teacher." ~ Zahra Fouad.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course will start on the 28th of November, and ends by the final exam date. According to Edexcel's Provisional Examinations Timetable, the AS exam will be held on the 17th of May, 2021, and the A2 will be held on the 24th of May, 2021.
What will I learn from this course?
Besides learning usual language skills, such as reading, writing, and Grammar, Edexcel IAL Arabic in addition to Miss Kawther’s teaching style, students get the opportunity to develop diverse social and academic skills such as presentation skills, critical thinking, autonomous learning, and analytical writing. A remarkable skill that students learn in this course, though, is Film criticism, which introduces them to a bunch of analytical, critical, and rhetorical skills besides developing their knowledge about Arab Cinema over the decades. In this part, Miss Kawther has proved to be very concise, and credible as she studies Film at the American University in Cairo, and is a filmmaker herself. For more details on the course objectives, see the Course Description, if you haven’t done this already.

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