Chemistry IGCSE/OL Cambridge May/June 2021 - Dr. Amr Zahra

This course starts on 22/11/2020 - Syllabus codes: 0620 & 0971

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The course is delivered through pre-recorded high quality video lectures. The course includes video lectures explaining the syllabus items of Chemistry for IGCSE 0620 & 0971 as well as solving classified questions after each topic. By the end of this course, the tutor delivers final revision classes that include reviewing all the syllabus items, solving past examinations & uncovering the common exam tricks.

Your Instructor

Dr. Amr Zahra
Dr. Amr Zahra

Dr. Amr Zahra is an IGCSE Chemistry Teacher, his passion for Chemistry began with his graduation from the Faculty of Pharmacy Ain Shams University (Bachelor`s degree).

He achieved his fame by being adored by his students, as he excelled in his unique way of teaching, and fully prepare his students for exam, through a tremendous effort in solving enough questions, in addition his consistency of following up with each student individually, his positive spirit encouraging his students to exert the most of their effort which results in excelling grades, so he is known for the outstanding achievements of his students year after year.

Course Curriculum

  Topic 2: Stoichiometry
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Topic 3: Redox
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Topic 4: Periodic Table
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Topic 5: Electrolysis
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Topic 6: States of matter
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Topic 7: Separation techniques
Available in days
days after you enroll

Frequently Asked Questions

How frequent do I get videos?
Four times per week Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Videos including both explanation and classified solving are published and left there till the end of the course.
Would I find the whole syllabus videos available once I enroll in the course?
No, lectures are uploaded gradually according to the weekly plan. However once a video is uploaded it remains available to be viewed anytime and an unlimited number of times till the end of the course. If you join late, you're advised to increase the number of weekly lectures watched to catch-up.
How many times do I get to watch the video?
You to watch them an unlimited number times till the end of the course.
Do I receive course materials, and what are they?
Yes, You'll receive Dr.Amr’s notes, Classified past papers.
Do I get Homeworks like in an ordinary classroom?
Yes, at the end of each topic you receive a number of questions in the classified to be solved and of course they’ll be answered in the next class like in an ordinary classroom.
Would I get any Quizzes/Exams?
Yes, every 2-3 topics there will be a quiz. The quizzes are submitted back for correction either online or a written test. You will not only receive a mark for the quiz, you will also get a comment on each mistake to explain it to you.
What happens after the syllabus is concluded?
The Full Exams videos will be published periodically according to the revision plan till the exam
If I joined the course late, would I pay a full course?
Yes, As all the previous lectures would be available for you and Dr.Amr would be ready to receive any questions from you about the previous chapters after you join.
How to pay for the course?
You could always pay on the website using a credit card or an accepted debit card which is entirely secured by Vidukation’s financial team or you could arrange to pass by one of Vidukation offices and pay in cash. Please note that cash payments are ONLY available in Egypt. Contact Number:
Are the course fees refundable?
Unfortunately no! As any paid funds are instantly deposited in the Vidukation bank account. However, we guarantee that you would be extremely satisfied by receiving a full educational service at home with no need to waste time, effort or money in transportation. This course has many advantages making it really difficult for you to feel unhappy with the course.

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