This course starts on the 4th of April 2021

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Unit 6

• Practical Skills in Chemistry II
• The explanation of the content of this Unit is completed within Units 4 and 5
• There are two revision lectures that summarize all the practical content in Units 1 and 2
• This course will focus on teaching you the skill of getting the full mark in Unit 6
• The course is focused on Answering in the Past Papers

Your Instructor

Dr. Nour Mahdally
Dr. Nour Mahdally

Dr Nour Mahdally is unmatched in her competence and qualifications as a chemistry teacher. She has been teaching chemistry since 2011. In addition to graduating at the top of her class for her Bachelor degree, she has a Masters degree in pharmaceutical sciences from the Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo University. She has traveled to the UK to receive and complete a post graduate diploma in British education in 2018. She was an outstanding achiever as an IG student in her school Dar El Tarbiah- Agouza, where she continues to teach to date. She meets with examiners almost twice a year to update her training and deliver the best possible teaching experience to her students.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts on the 4th of April 2021 and ends with the Unit 6 exam in the June 2021 session. The course will be automatically deleted by the website two hours after the final Unit 6 AL Exam for June 2021 session.
How frequently do I get video lectures?
Every Sunday, a lecture will be published, including notes, questions for the topic, videos explaining the topic and videos answering the questions step wise with a quiz at the end of each topic. If need be, lectures could be published twice weekly during the revision. The lectures will remain accessible till the end of the course.
Do I get to ask questions?
Questions are welcome. The more you ask, the better you understand, and the stronger you become at chemistry. You can contact me during office hours or email me or even text me. Chemistry is made of building blocks so the stronger the foundation, the higher the grade you will achieve.
What happens after the syllabus is concluded?
Lectures will focus on answering full exams in papers in the past papers. AL Chemistry Exams have plenty of tricks in the multiple choice. One of the interesting facts about exams that students tend to make the same mistakes and fall for the same tricks so these lectures will give you tips on managing your exam time, collecting as many marks as possible and losing as little marks as possible. You will learn to answer by knowledge if you know, and to answer by exclusion, which means that if you don't know the answer, you can use the information in the question to exclude the answers that don't make sense until you reach the correct answer. Learning how to plot graphs, make diagrams without forgetting labels and scoring a lot of marking points without writing too much to save time. These are called exam skills.
What is the language used by the teacher in the videos?
All the chemistry terms are in English, of course, however, the course is explained in Arabic and English together. Native Arabic speakers tend to grasp better in the Arabic language. Everything is written in English. All the terms, definitions, questions, answers and notes are in English.
Do I receive course materials, and what are they?
Yes, definitely. You'll receive summarized notes, quizzes, and of course videos.
If I joined the course late, would I pay a full course?
All the previous lectures would be available for you and our team would be ready to receive any questions from you about the previous topics after you join so you'll be expected to pay the full course fees.
Are the course fees refundable?
Unfortunately no! As any paid funds are instantly deposited in the Vidukation bank account. However, we guarantee that you would be extremely satisfied by receiving a full educational service at home with no need to waste time, effort or money in transportation. This course has many advantages making it really difficult for you to feel unhappy with the course.

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