Arabic AL Edexcel May/June 2021 - Mr. Emad Eladgham

This course starts on 1 November 2020

Your Instructor

Mr. Emad ElAdgham
Mr. Emad ElAdgham

المؤهــلات :

  1. ليسانس لغة عربية وعلوم إسلامية .

( كلية دار العلوم جامعة القاهرة ) .

2- دبلومة عامة فى التربية ( كلية التربية جامعة عين شمس).

3- دبلومة الخطوط العربية ( أكاديمية الخط العربى بالقاهرة ) .

4- دورات تدريبية ( اللغة العربية الأولى IGCSE )

. Arabic First Language OL. AL. IAL

لجنة الامتحانات جامعة كمبردجوالمركز البريطانى بالقاهرة

Cambridge International Examinations

Londan Examinations From Edexcel (pearson)

5- دورة تدريبية فى تعليم اللغة العربية للأجانب.

المؤلفات :

1- اللغة العربية الأولىIGCSE

Arabic First Language OL (IGCSE) Cambridge & Edexcel

2- اللغة العربية الأولىIGCSE

Arabic First Language AL & IAL (IGCSE)

Cambridge & Edexcel

3- اللغة العربية للاجانب .

Arabic Language for Foreigners


Participated in Training courses in IGCSE OL

Arabic First Language Cambridge & Edexcel From 2000:2020.

Teaching Arabic First Language IGCSE In:

1-Dar EL Tarbia SchooL Zamalek IGCSE 1994-1996.

2-Futures Language SchooL Nasr-city IGCSE 1996-2000.

3-Menese Language School IGCSE 1999- 2000.

4-Egyptian British Language School IGCSE 1999& still.

5-ST. Fatima Language School Nasr-city IGCSE 1999-2002.

6-Nefertari British international school IGCSE2000 & still

7-EIB Egyptian International Bureau1996 Teaching Arabic Language To foreigners & still

8-Modern Education school. IGCSE.2002-2008

9-Rowad language school. IGCSE 2004 & still

10-Manara Language School IGCSE.2007&still

11-Mancherster British International School New Cairo City IGCSE .2014 & still

12- Ramses College school IGCSE 2013 & still

13-English School Masr Algadida IGCSE 2014 & still

14-Summit International School El Maddi IGCSE 2015 &still

15-Gulf English School Cairo IGCSE 2020 & stil

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts on July 7, 2020. It ends on the date of the last Arabic exam paper in October/November session.
Would I find explanatory video lectures for the whole syllabus once I enrol in the course?
No! Lectures would be dripped in gradually. Once you course starts, you will receive two new lectures per week. Lectures that have been published previously are not removed throughout the course so that you can watch any lecture more and again until the course-end. If you join late, you're advised to increase the number of weekly lectures watched to catch-up.
Would I receive assignments to solve?
Definitely YES! By the end of each video lecture, your tutor will assign you a task to do and you're expected to solve an assignment and return it back for correction and evaluation. Submitting the assignments, as PDF, is done by sending the PDF to your tutor on WhatsApp.
Can I directly ask questions to the tutor?
Yes, for sure you can through sending a direct WhatsApp message or an email to the tutor. Your question would be typically answered in 24 hours. There is also the opportunity to meet your tutor or any of his assistants in a live online sessions. Be sure that we will never leave any question unanswered!
Would I get any Quizzes/Exams?
Yes, an exam will be held after each section.
What are the course materials and how would I get them?
The course materials include the course book, which includes full explanation and the chapterised assignment (classified) exercises. The material will be available as PDF documents in each section of the course. Also, you can contact the publishing bookstore to buy your hard copy. The hard copy service is ONLY available in Egypt until further notice.
What is the language used by the tutor in the video lectures?
As this is an Arabic language course, most of the language used would be Arabic. Simple Arabic is used so that the lecture would be delivered in a way that helps our students overcome any language barrier.
How to pay for the course?
The primary payment is online payment using your credit card which is 100% safe & secure. However, if you have any problems with online payment, we can arrange for you to pay in CASH! The cash payment service for this course is ONLY available in Egypt.
If I joined the course late, would I pay a full course?
Yes! As all the previous lectures would be available for you and our team would be ready to receive any questions from you about the previous chapters after you join.
Are the course fees refundable?
Unfortunately no! As any paid funds are instantly deposited in the Vidukation bank account. However, we guarantee that you would be extremely satisfied by receiving a full educational service at home with no need to waste time, effort or money in transportation. This course has many advantages making it really difficult for you to feel unhappy with the course.

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