About Us

Vidukation is the first online platform helping international certificates students in the Middle East learn through various types of technology to replace classroom-based teaching.

We dream of transforming educational solutions in the Middle East, where IGCSE, A-level, American Diploma, university and post graduate students can access the best learning experience, anytime, anywhere, through our comprehensive online courses.

Every course is taught by top instructors from world-class schools and universities. All courses give you access to full syllabus explanation and solving techniques. Our best-seller courses include additional features such as teaching assistants support, live office hours and regular assessments.

We provide you with an educational service that is both effective and efficient. Effectiveness is achieved through the provision of courses covering all syllabus items through pre-recorded tutorial sessions encompassing: lectures, exam-style questions and full exams. Efficiency is achieved by giving students access to lectures 24/7. This will allow you to organise your time as desired, commute less, and most importantly study more anywhere, anytime.

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